Teacher Concerns

  1. Students rarely contribute ideas
  2. Students don't think about the meaning of what they read or hear
  3. Students don't link different lessons
  4. Students don't think about why or how they are doing a task
  5. Teachers find negotiations difficult
  6. Students keep making the same mistakes
  7. Students don't read instructions carefully
  8. Students don't learn from mistakes in assessment tasks
  9. Students won't take responsibility for their learning
  10. Students dive into tasks without planning
  11. Students have no strategies when stuck
  12. Students don't link school work with outside life
  13. Dealing with mixed ability classes
  14. Students don't believe that their own beliefs are relevant
  15. Students are reluctant to take risks in creative tasks
  16. Students are reluctant to edit or check their work
  17. Students' existing beliefs are not easy to change
  18. Classroom management