PEEL in Practice

During the past 33 years, PEEL teachers have developed and adapted a very rich range of innovative, classroom-tested teaching procedures.

Many of these have been shared in PEEL SEEDS, the teacher - authored journal of the PEEL collective. 114 editions of PEEL SEEDS, detailed descriptions of all  PEEL teaching procedures, links to other educational resources, together with several other publications, are available on the "PEEL in Practice" database.  PEEL in Practice can be purchased as an online subscription  - a free trial is available. To view the main features of the resource click here 

In order to allow you to access this huge body of ideas for extending and enriching teaching practice, the 1600 articles have been placed in a database that allows ideas to be retrieved by any combination of a range of search fields grouped into 19 search categories. You can access articles via subject, year level, any of 18 common teacher concerns such as students rarely contributing ideas of their own, classroom practices such as group work or assessment, any of 12 principles of teaching for quality learning that have emerged as recurring themes in practices that PEEL teachers regard as successful (e.g. provide students with opportunities for genuine choice and decision making) or any of over 200 generic teaching procedures.

Several resources are available to assist you in navigating the collection:

  • The tutorial guides new users through the basic functionality of the PEEL in Practice application online. View the tutorial  to see the features of PEEL in Practice.
  • Although Subject and Year Level are among the 18 search categories, you will gain more value from PEEL in Practice if your searches focus on some particular aspect of learning or teaching.  Types of Searches describes searches that do just this and provides a set of ways in for new users.
  • Selecting a Focus is an in-depth treatment of searching PEEL in Practice, arranged as a menu of four starting points that increase in their level of reflection about student learning.